The ideal woman is…

ideal woman Secrets of Ideal Woman

What is an ideal woman in a man’s opinion? What should she do, in what way should she behave? Striving to answer this question one of the major world famous men’s magazines carried out a special survey among its readers, and the facts discovered were rather worth attention. We have chosen just some of them, the most topical for the women’s mentality. So, according to the men’s opinion the ideal woman.

1. Should help him look good

Real life today demands that a man looks good. The better his image is, the more successful the man is. And the men think that as the women know much about fashion and cosmetics, they must help the man look younger, healthier and more stylish. The woman must help her man to choose a shirt or a good cream, to buy HIM a good leather wallet instead of buying a new dress for HERSELF. As it turned out, the men appreciate such women and are ready to help them in everything where they need the men to.

ideal woman 2. Shouldn’t forget about her private life.

When the woman is fully merged into her family life and taking care of her husband and children she doesn’t attract much interest from the part of her husband soon. Her today is like her yesterday, and yesterday is the same like it was a month ago. In this way her husband becomes bored with her, and she loses her sex appeal in his eyes. The men want a woman keeping them interested all the time, they want her to change constantly and be in constant progress. And they aren’t against (and some of them even insist on) the fact that the woman has her own personal life. Personal life for them is a broad concept that includes friends, relatives, fitness, different activity clubs, and so on. In short personal life is everything that gives you the opportunity to socialize and get new emotions.

3. Should stay womanlike and be modest.

The men say that most of women are not able to draw a distinction between the femininity firstly, modesty secondly, and dissoluteness thirdly. That is why they look either too restrained and uninteresting or, on the contrary, dressed in an indecent way. As for the latter, men don’t like it too much, because the ideal woman shouldn’t really behave this way. All of that bare bellies, low jeans, heaps of crystals here and there, make-up looking like the war paint, uggs, the clothes fitting close where it would be better to “gloss over shortcomings”, and on the contrary loose where it is better for the things to fit closely to show the woman’s figure to good advantage, etc. The men want us to dress in a refined way for them. And one more thing: taking into consideration all of the rights and freedoms in your relationship most men consider your dancing with the other man to be a challenge for them, so don’t make your man angry doing so.

4. Should stop pressing on her man.

90 % of the men asked assert that their women constantly press on them. By saying “press on them” they mean endless reminding of the things they should do, “follow-up” calls, “how are you?” messages, and other things of that kind from the woman’s part. The sterner sex gives a sharp answer to everything from the above-listed: they don’t need being reminded of anything, and as for the messages, they will write them themselves when they really need to. If they don’t do some of the things the woman asks them to do, it doesn’t mean they forgot about it. It means they don’t really think it is important.

Of course, taking all these factors into your consideration won’t make you an ideal woman, but it still makes sense telling you about such things. Most women in the USA don’t really realize that these factors even exist. That is why the phrases like “This is my Granddad’s shirt, isn’t it?”, “What have you put on?”, “I’m sick and tired of you” became the integral part of the men’s active vocabulary. Think it over, maybe you should revise your lifestyle and your attitude to the man you love. Ideal woman is dream. Ideal woman is riddle. Ideal woman is mystery.

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