The best way to trim your eyebrows

woman trim your eyebrows Your facial expression depends a lot on the form of our eyebrows. Their form defines the emotion we would like to express – it shows if we are gloomy, surprised or well-wishing at the moment. Besides, eyebrows play an important role in our eyes protection of sweat or dust.

Not all the women have beautiful eyebrows. Lots of things like sunlight, plucking, using of special hair dye (that can still have the bad effect on the state of the hair), unhealthy dieting, unhealthy lifestyle and other influence a lot the way they look. We are going to give you some useful tips as for taking the appropriate care of your eyebrows and the choice form of the eyebrows you need to have to look really attractive.

If you prefer to have the curved eyebrows, it will produce the effect of the facial expression of a person being a bit surprised. If you want to look gloomy or even strict it is better to have the broad eyebrows. But in any case before you start correcting the form of your eyebrows you should choose the form that suits you it the best way.

Things you should take into account correcting the form of your eyebrows

1. It is absolutely not acceptable to have broad eyebrows if your lips are thin. Your features should be in harmony.

2. For the first time it is better to have the form of your eyebrows corrected by the professionals of the hair and beauty salon. They will help you to choose the form of the eyebrows that will harmonize well with the form of your face and the form of your eyes.

3. The correction of the eyebrows form is made along the lower edge of the eyebrows. In case it is necessary you can correct the form on the upper edge too, but you should take into your consideration that growing hairs will be more visible in this area than below the eyebrow.

4. Slightly curved eyebrows will make you look younger and make your features more expressive.

5. You shouldn’t base on the fashion trends while choosing the best form for your eyebrows. It is much better to make their form suit better the form of your face.

6. If you make the eyebrow makeup, do it carefully. Never pencil your eyebrows drawing one solid line. It is better to make several strokes.

7. The eyebrows that finish beyond the tail of your eye will make you look sad, and, which is more, older than you really are.

The way to create the suitable eyebrows form

First thing you should do is to decide where your eyebrow will start and where it will finish. To do it you should take a looking glass and a pencil. To find the optimal point where your eyebrow must start is to join the medial angle of your eye with the wing of your nose with the help of a pencil. One of this straight line ends will show you where your eyebrow should start. As for the hairs on the bridge of your nose, you should pluck them with pincers.

As for the point where your eyebrow should curve you can easily find it joining the pupil of your eye and the centre of the upper lip with a pencil. As for the form of the curve choose the one that suits you in the best way.

The end of the straight line joining the wing of your nose with the lateral angle of your eye is the end of your eyebrow.
The hairs in the temple area that are beyond this point should be plucked with pincers.

The right way to pluck your eyebrows

Not to scratch your skin while plucking your eyebrows it is better to use the pincers with rounded tips. Before you start the procedure you should wipe the pincers, as well as your hands and eyebrows with the cotton pad soaked in alcohol. In this way there will be no reddening in the area where you pluck the hairs and the risk to introduce the infection will be minimal.

The hairs should be plucked in their growth direction. While doing that you should stretch your skin a bit. After you finish the procedure it is recommended to put some special eyelid cream onto the area.

Taking care of your eyebrows

You should brush your eyebrows every day with the special brush. The hairs that bristle should be oiled with castor oil. Then you can shape your eyebrows with the help of the eyebrow brush.

If you have fair or sparse eyebrows you should apply some nourishing cream or vegetable or almond oil for the daily care. To stimulate the growth of the eyebrow hairs you can make 15-minute masks. Warm the oil, soak the cotton pads in it and then put the cotton pads onto your eyebrows. To make this procedure more effective put the towel on top.

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