The advantages and disadvantages of the permanent makeup

permanent makeup Permanent makeup is the injection of colouring pigments under the skin in order to make some of its areas more expressive and attractive. The permanent makeup can be made as on the face, as on the other body parts. But cosmetologists state that making permanent makeup bears certain risks. Let us consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the eyebrows, eyelids and lips permanent makeup.

Permanent eyebrows makeup

Permanent eyebrows makeup makes it possible not only to shape them according to your taste, but also to mask the scars or sparsely growing hairs. The advantages of this procedure are the opportunity for visual rejuvenation in the fast and not expensive way. To create this effect the cosmetologist draws the eyebrow contour a bit higher than its natural one is.

The disadvantages: don’t think that after the coloring pigment injection under the skin you can forget about your eyebrows care. You will still have to correct the hair growth line according to the eyebrow shape you have now, and girls with blond hair will also have to dye the hairs.

Attention! You should know beforehand that brown and light coloring pigments contain ferric oxide particles. This chemical compound will eventually produce the effect of reddish color of your eyebrows.

permanent eyelids makeup Permanent eyelids makeup

Permanent eyelids makeup make your look more expressive and produces the effect of thick eyelashes. The advantages of the procedure: the contour makeup technique makes it possible to visually correct woman’s eyes form and eyes set depth, and make the color of her eyes more expressive on the account of the color of the pigment used – green, blue, gray or purple.

Disadvantages of the procedure: if you are going to make the permanent makeup you should take into account the fact that during the long time period your image will remain unchanged. Be attentive as for the color of the pigment used as you won’t be able to get rid of this kind of makeup earlier than in half a year minimum.

Permanent lips makeup

The area of our lips is one of the most sensitive ones on our face. The skin of the lips is provided with a great number of blood vessels and nerve endings. This is exactly the reason why making the permanent lips makeup is one of the most painful cosmetic procedures.

The advantages: the permanent lips makeup makes it possible to visually make you lips full, make their contours more expressive, mask the small scars or the imperfection of your lips shape, attach the even color to the lips and mask the pigment spots.

The disadvantages: Attention! If you have the herpes virus in your body that causes the small sores on your lips from time to time, be ready for the relapse.

The pigment chosen for the lips permanent makeup can be either of the natural color or to be of a brighter shade.

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