How to stop facial hair growth

stop facial hair Very often women face the problem of visible hair growth on their faces which causes certain moral discomfort for them. There are several reasons for that, so the methods of this kind of problem solving differ either. Here is the list of recommendations for facial hair growth abatement.

- It is an often occasion when the facial hair growth is caused by high testosterone level as the effect of adrenal glands diseases. Apart from the increased facial hair growth, the deterioration in endocrine system functioning can declare itself through obesity or high blood pressure. In case you have the symptoms similar to the above mentioned ones, you should turn to your endocrinologist. He is able to make a diagnosis and prescribe the necessary and effective treatment, which will help you to solve the problem of facial hair growth.

- Another (also rather conventional) reason for the increased facial hair growth is different kinds of gynecological disorders. If apart from undesirable hair growth on your face you have some menstruation problems (as excessive or occasional menstruation) you should turn to your gynecologist for advice.

- Active facial hair growth can be caused by some kinds of medicamentous therapy. After you will finish your course of this kind of drug treatment, there will be the facial hair growth abatement.

- If you want to solve the problem of facial hair growth but doctors cannot identify the case, it must be the hereditary predisposition that caused this effect. In this case you should take advantage of different cosmetic procedures. For example, you can try the hair discoloration procedure, performed with the help of hydrogen peroxide or perhydrol alcohol. In case of regular application these two drugs are able to make your hair brittle, thin and besides, they will discolor it and make it less visible on your face.

- You can also take advantage of depilatory cream specially created for facial hair removal. Very often the cosmetics manufacturers provide you with the kinds of depilatory cream able to slow down the facial hair growth in case you use it on the regular basis.

- More painful but more effective method for facial hair removal and facial hair growth abatement is the waxing procedure. In case of hair removal in this way you remove the hairs with their roots; this causes the hair root damage. Hairs become thinner and weak, in some cases the cessation of facial hair growth is observed.

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