Some reasons for the men to break up with the woman

end love At least one time in her life every woman asked herself, why a man decided to leave her. Of course, it is easier to agree to a fact that all the men want something impossible that is an ideal woman who grants all their wishes all the time.

But is it really like that? To be true, very often half of the reasons to break up depend on the woman herself.

So, why do the men leave women?

1. The woman stopped keeping him interested.

As a rule, a man looks for a woman he has something to talk about with, the woman who interests him and the woman who is capable to impress as on him as on his friends. It goes without saying, that the men who look for a woman just for one date, are not really interested in her IQ. But if it goes about a long-lasting relationship, here they want to see intelligent women by their side.

The woman shouldn’t be more intelligent than her man, as in this case he may have a feeling of inferiority. But she shouldn’t be dull-witted too, as a man doesn’t need a woman who is interested in nothing but soap-operas and woman’s magazines.

So all the above stated implies that the woman should be an actress who wants to show: she is really something the man wants.

2. You can’t get on

On the one hand he is quite satisfied with what you really are, but on the other hand you pettifog all the time. You cannot make a compromise with each other and you are not able to make mutual concessions. There is no other way out of this situation, you have to break up. The man likes to be the leader in the relationship that is why he wants his woman to make concessions to him in the conflict situations. Then it is up to her to decide – if she really cares about her relationship with this person, she has to meet him halfway, if not, there’s nothing to be done.

Anyway, if you know that you are not perfect, and not too bright, you shouldn’t rely on the fact that your man is ready to do anything for you. It will be easier for him to find an alternative then for you. Unfortunately, this is the way the vital statistics haunts the women today.

3. The woman often behaves in an inappropriate way.

Hardly ever any man will want to blush with shame because of his companion’s behavior, if she acts inadequately in the public place, especially if it besmirches his reputation. What is more, it makes no sense for the men to live with such an unpredictable woman, who is able to commit an act of folly any time. So make the valid inference and learn to control yourself.

4. The man is an outlet for his woman’s emotions.

She tells about her troubles, problems and activities all the time. Of course, it is quite normal to share information about what’s happening in your personal life with your partner, but it must be within reason. If you phone your young man at night and tell him that you love him and that you are ready to do anything for him, it will soon start irritating him. If you tell him again and again about the new (the fifteenth) pair of shoes you’ve bought in a sale, and  about  the 3%-discount card you got having bought lots of shampoos and cosmetics, then you will make your man sick and tired of your phone calls.

You should understand: there is the difference between your man and your girl-friends. Another woman will discuss all the above stated with you with pleasure, and you will both enjoy the conversation. But the man needs a woman who doesn’t drive him up the wall with endless and idle talk.

5. The woman stopped taking good care of herself.

Appearance doesn’t play the main role in your relationship, it is true, but on the other hand one cannot say the man doesn’t pay attention to it. If he started his relationship with the slender blond with a wasp waist, and in two years she turned into something shapeless, from the aesthetic point of view she will stop interesting him. So, take a good care of yourself, because as for the way you look, it depends on you.

6. The woman uses the man as the “source of financing”

The men state that they like to give pleasure to their women, taking them out for dinner in a restaurant, buying them flowers and expensive jewelry, taking them to a trip on a yacht or to some kind of foreign resort. But if everything a woman needs of a man is money, and he doesn’t feel love, sooner or later he will get sick and tired of such kind of relationship, and then there will be no any fur coats or necklaces any more.

You should lower your demands, or at least (if you want to continue getting expensive presents) show him that you love him. Don’t talk straight in case when you want a new top or a ring. You can just tell him what is in fashion this winter (be that blue fox fur coat or diamonds). Or, you can also tell him that you don’t want to look in an appropriate way in front of his business-partners.  To keep a reputation of a respectable businessman he should take care of his wife.

7. The woman shows insistently that she wants to get married.

Some women are even ready to get pregnant to marry the man they love. If a man wants to marry you, you will feel that for sure. But if he isn’t ready for that at this stage of your relationship, don’t try to speed the things up, it is pointless. You will only frighten him away. Of course the worthy man won’t leave a woman who is going to have his baby, but marriage which was contracted on this reason really seldom turn out well.

8. The woman was unfaithful

The man can forgive lots of things, almost everything, but not the fact that you were unfaithful to him. If it really happened, be sure, he will break up with you as soon as he will know about it. No excuses will save the situation. If you are not satisfied with some things, tell him about it. It is better to part by mutual agreement than break up with a scandal. What is more, juridically it will be more difficult for you to get some property after your divorce in case you were unfaithful to your husband.

9. The woman started earning more money than her husband does.

If for a man good wages is a normal situation, which helps him to assert himself in life, for a woman, on the contrary, it is a challenge. Earning more than her husband does, she constantly has to resist the temptation to make reproaches to him, to tell him that he is not worthy of her as a man and that they would live in misery if she didn’t save the situation.

Hardly ever any man will enjoy listening to such things about him, and sooner or later he will start looking for another woman. And if his wages correspond to middle-income level, it won’t be so hard for him to regulate his personal life.

So if you earn more than your husband does, be wiser. Think the things over before you tell or do something.  Don’t make reproaches to your husband; don’t make him have the feeling of inferiority, if you take care or your relationship.

To conclude all the above stated I’d like to say that all the reasons, explications and inferences written above are found out and made by the representatives of the sterner sex. And now, ladies, it is up to you to decide and make your own conclusions!

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