Some simple tips on home treatment of acne

girl treatment of acne Almost every person living on Earth faced the problem of acne at this or that period of his or her life. Pimples don’t look like something aesthetically acceptable on the face, so everyone who has them strives to get rid of them.

But the process of acne treatment is rather effort-consuming and needs serious approach. The first thing you should do is to find out the reason of its appearance on your body. If you have acne on your skin all the time, acne covers the considerable area of your skin and you feel the pain in this area, you should visit a good dermatologist, as in this case it quite possible that you have a serious skin disease that should be treated under the advice and supervision of a physician. Acne is the sebaceous glands inflammation. It is useless even to apply special cosmetics to help yourself, as only the medical intervention can be really effective here.

The way to get rid of acne

First of all pay attention to the way you take care of your skin. You shouldn’t forget about the three essential steps of daily skin care: cleansing, moistening and nutrition of the skin. Choose the cosmetics created especially for your skin type and pay special attention to cleansing procedures. You can use face masks which will help you to get rid of pimples and reduce skin inflammation.

Some people are sure that to get rid of pimples at home it is necessary to wash the face more often. It is not quite right. Pimples as a rule appear on the skin as a result of increased sebaceous glands activity. Washing more often you dry your skin which makes your sebaceous glands work more actively. In this case the number of pimples on your face skin grows bigger, not less as you think. That is why it is quite enough to wash your face twice a day that is in the morning and in the evening. Peeling is also rather doubtful as the effective anti-acne cosmetic product. It will be more useful in case you have stretch marks on your skin.

If you want to get rid of pimples on your face or on your back you should also revise your dieting. Overconsumption of such things as fizzy drinks, chips, coffee and fast-food contribute a lot to the acne appearance. You should add more fresh fruit and vegetables, greens and cereals to your daily ration. As for the drinks green tea is the best choice. This kind of dieting will not only help you to get rid of acne, but will help you to keep in good shape. Drink more water and forget about cigarettes or alcohol. Normal dieting regulates the sebaceous glands activity process.

Tips on acne treatment with the help of folk remedies

You can also try to get rid of acne with the help of folk remedies, as in some cases they turn to be even more effective than modern cosmetic products. Among the folk medicine advices there is the one to eat more lemons. Sour fruit purifies the blood and as a result your skin becomes clearer.

It is also rather effective to drink the parsley decoction or fresh carrot juice. Nettle potion also cleanses the skin very well. To solve the problem of enlarged pores you can wipe your face skin with a cotton pad soaked in milk. The visible effect will be obtained after several sessions already.

The tomato or cucumber pulp compresses are also very effective in acne treatment. If an abscess or a suppurative pimple causes inconvenience to you, it is recommended by the folk medicine to apply some raw grated beetroot or potato to this area. These vegetables make an abscess opening much faster and reduce inflammation on your skin. One more effective anti-acne folk remedy is to take some garlic alcoholic tincture in the morning before your meal.

One super effective folk remedy against the acne

Grind one cucumber, pour some boiling water to it, and let it draw for several hours. Then pass the mixture through a sieve, add one spoon of honey to it and mix well. Use the solution obtained as the lotion on the affected area of your skin. When you start your treatment with this folk remedy wipe your face with the cotton pad soaked in the lotion three times a day. Later you can reduce a number of such daily procedures. It is a very effective method to get rid of acne on your back, but not quite appropriate to use it for the face acne treatment though. But you still can use it for this purpose in the evening time in case have a pimple or two on your face.

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