Rockabilly hairstyles

Some music lovers can go so far that they are ready to make a hairdo characteristic for this or that musical genre performers even on their wedding day. With all those modern (and by the way rather flexible) tendencies it is not so hard to see a bride with a fanciful and at the same time elegant hairdo in any possible style. The hair styles we admire nowadays are simple and easy to create, but it looks as chic and glam at times that we are concerned about our lack of ability to cope with this kind of task. If you are planning to have some kind of special occasion (as your best friend’s wedding party, your prom or simply a date) you can use the chance to try classical retro rockabilly hair style so fashionable nowadays.

Some people can use rather daring colors and shades (as pink for example), choose some kind of elvish hairdo in their line, or even wear their hair awfully disheveled. Classical music lovers also come under this influence. What is more, some brides really prefer the rockabilly hairstyles for their wedding parties.

The term rockabilly itself is mentioned to define a music epoch of 1940s-1950s. At the present time this word is used as a general term for special subculture where the vintage style and spirit of the music popular in 1940s-1950s is used in rockabilly hairstyle and in the mode of dress.

Experts suggest that the rockabilly hairstyle radiates exhilaration and the spirit of adventurism. Brides can experiment with this kind of their wedding hairdos. There are lots of ways to reach the effect desired.

By the way, this kind of hairdo will look better on the hair of shoulder-length and longer, especially if you wear a long fringe. In the rockabilly hair style the hair is parted in the middle which looks attractive in combination with softly waved hair setting off your face. All your hair (apart from the fringe) should be waved (or twisted). As for the fringe, you should leave it straight and smooth, falling across your forehead.

rockabilly hair styles

Those brides, who are planning to take advantage of rockabilly hairstyle, should have a graded haircut. In the temporal region your hair should be 7.5 cm long, in the lateral areas it should be about 10 cm, and at the back of your head it is better to leave it about 25 cm long. If you are afraid of profound changes in your image, it is possible to have the hair of average length, but in this case it will take more effort to attain the desired effect.

To create a rockabilly hairstyle, start with parting your hair into zones and creating large curls. It is better to use the curling mousse or special hair lotion, as it will make your hairdo more long-lived. Hair rollers are a perfect choice here; you should use them on your hair after drying it a bit with a towel.

rockabilly hairstyles

After your hair is fully dried (or when the hair rollers get cold) you should remove the rollers carefully. Then use the round brush to add more volume to your hair. The right way to do it is to separate a hair lock, and holding it up with your fingers, brush your hair carefully from the ends to the roots, dipping the hair brush bristles at their half-length into your hair. In this way you will be able to make your hair look fluffed up.

In the front part of your hairdo you should tuck your hair ends up and inward. Do it with the help of your fingers or with the help of a brush. Remember that in this kind of hair style giving you a full swing in the matter is inadmissible. To fix your hairdo you may use the clasp-pins, tucking your hair ends in. Make sure that the clasp-pins are not visible.

rockabilly hair style

The hair in the lateral areas and at the back of the head can be managed according to the bride’s preferences. Twisting and loose curls will create the elegant look. Experimenting with the variations of rockabilly hair style brides should take into consideration the form of their face and the style of their wedding dress.

Rockabilly hairdos presuppose that your hair is given additional volume and pinned up in the front part, and it is long and loose at the back of your head. As for the back of your hairdo, the hair in this area can be just waved softly and left flowing up to your neck and to your shoulders.

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