Risotto recipes

Rice is an extremely multifaceted product. There are more than six thousands sorts of rice all around the world. Risotto is not a dish, this is the way of cooking the rice. If you perceive all secrets of cooking the risotto, you can change the recipe in any way and taste you want, depends on the list of products you have in your fridge. Risotto can be light and vegetarian or rich on meat, spicy or very tender, crumbly or watery. This dish can be changed with your mood respectively.
The best broth for risotto is chicken broth. For this purpose you need the next ingredients: a large pot, chicken, high quality water, black pepper, a pinch of sea salt, onions and carrots.
Water for risotto is very important, because 99% of end product consists of water. Actually, water mostly composes a broth. We strongly recommend to buy a high quality water in order to receive a tasty risotto.
The main requirement for vegetables and pepper is the same, they have to be fresh and tasty. Do not try to cook a broth from limp carrots or dead onions. And do not put an old pepper to it too.

There are only three sorts of rice which can be accepted for risotto: arborio, carnaroli and vialone nano. You can figure out from the names that all of them are Italian. They have one common and very important feature – all of them contain two types of a starch.
Starch which is resided on the top of rice is called “amylopectin”. The second one what is contained inside the rice called “amylose”. Amylopectin is easily and fast mixed with water, whereas amylose is remained hard. Because of amylopectin risotto can have creamy condition and amylose allows to prepare risotto with a little bit hard rice in the middle of it.

Popular Risotto recipe

Ingredients Risotto
4 servings:
1.2 liter of high-quality chicken stock
2 tbsp olive oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
150 ml good white wine
400g risotto rice
3 tbsp cream
3 tbsp freshly graded Parmesan cheese

How to make Risotto

To achieve a delicate taste of risotto it is essential to make sure that the stock is hot when you add it to rice. So keep it on low heat next to the pot with risotto. Heat oil in large skillet or wide pan and roast onions for 5 minutes, until they become soft. Add rice to the pot and stir well to make sure every seed is covered with oil. Cook 2 – 3 min. Add wine, stir a few times and cook for another 1 – 2 minutes until the wine is soaked up. Hold the pan over medium heat; add a little bit of stock while stirring well until all the stock is absorbed. Continue adding stock while stirring. Before you add more stock make sure it is absorbed. It takes about 20 minutes. When the rice is ready remove the pan from the heat and stir, add the cream and cheese. Let it rest a few minutes and serve immediately in warmed bowls.
In a way Italian risotto is similar to pilaf. Risotto can be as basic or complex as you want. The rule of thumb is constant stirring and risotto should not be prepared in advance.

Risotto with zucchini.

Ingredients Risotto with zucchini.
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
2 zucchinis
200 gr. of tomatoes
100 gr. of vegetable oil
400 gr. of rice
125 ml. of white wine
1 liter of vegetable broth
100 gr. of parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon of chopped thyme

How to make Risotto with zucchini.

Peel and chop an onion and garlic. Wash out zucchinis and tomatoes, peel them and cut on pieces. Take a half of vegetable oil and stew garlic, onion, zucchinis in it for three minutes. Then add a rice and keep stewing again. Pour the wine and stir the coking dish at the same time. Depends on how fast the liquid will be absorbed by rice, all the time add a hot broth to it. Take the risotto of the stove and mix it with the rest of vegetable oil and tomatoes. Sprinkle on a top with grated cheese and thyme.

Risotto with tomato.

Ingredients Risotto with tomato.
2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
200 gr. of rice
2 bags of dry mix of sauce
100 ml. of dry white wine
200 gr. of tomatoes
6 sprigs of basil
2 tablespoons of fat sour cream
1 tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese

How to make Risotto with tomato

Peel and chop garlic, onions on pieces and saute them in a vegetable oil till it has sparkling-clear view. Put the rice in risotto and stew it slightly stirring continuously. Pour 500 ml. of warm water. Keep stirring the mix for sauce till it starts to boil. Saute the rice on a slow fire and add the wine gradually. Wash out tomatoes and cut them into two or four equal pieces. Clean up the basil, remove the leafs and chop them. Add a chopped basil leafs with a sour cream to risotto. Sprinkle with a grated parmesan cheese, add salt and pepper on taste. It can be decorated with basil leafs.

Risotto with chicken.

Ingredients Risotto with chicken.
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 meddle-size finely chopped onion
400 gr. of rice for risotto
750 ml. of chicken broth
500 gr. of mixture of frozen vegetables
340 gr. of cooked and chopped chicken meat
125 ml. of dairy cream
120 gr. of coarsely grated cheddar cheese
40gr. of finely grated parmesan cheese

How to make Risotto with chicken.

Heat an olive oil in a pot and roast an onion in it to soft condition. Add the rice and mix it with oil thoroughly. Add a broth and vegetables and cook them to boiling. Reduce the fire and keep sauting on a slow fire for 15 minutes. Add all spices, take the risotto off a stove and keep closed with a lid for 10 minutes.

Risotto with cheese.

Ingredients Risotto with cheese.
salt (on taste)
6 tablespoons of chicken broth
1 onion
2 tablespoons of fresh parsley (for decoration)
½ teaspoon of black pepper (on taste)
275 gr. of arborio rice
75 gr. of parmesan cheese
120 ml. of dry white wine

How to make Risotto with cheese.

Melt 50 gr. of butter on a frying-pan and put a finely chopped onion to it. Roast an onion on a slow fire before it becomes soft and has a sparkling-clear color. Add rice and mix everything. Pour a wine into a frying-pan after 1-2 minutes. Increase a fire a little bit and keep cooking till the wine will be evaporated completely. Add a kitchen spoon of hot broth and stir it all the time till a broth will be absorbed by rice completely. You can add a broth gradually while it’s absorbed by rice. After 20-30 minutes rice has to become creamy. At that time take a frying-pan off the fire and add to risotto the rest of butter and grated cheese. Stir it again, add salt, pepper and leave it for 3-4 minutes for infusing. Before serving decorate it with edible greens or chunks of cheese.

Risotto with shrimps.

Ingredients Risotto with shrimps.
200 gr. of shrimps
400 gr. of rice
white wine
tomato paste
spices for seafood
half of glass of chicken broth

How to make Risotto with shrimps.

Make cuts on shrimps’ shells and roast them on a hot frying-pan from both sides. Chop an onion on rings and fry it on butter for a few minutes.
Everything what was done before leave in a frying-pan and add rice on a top, pour it with broth and saute on a slow fire. Important to have rice in a broth all the time! As broth will be boiled away, add a white wine and keep it doing till rice will be done. In a process of cooking add spices, basil, salt and pepper.
Cut tomato on small pieces and put them to rice of our risotto. It’s optional to add a mixed tomato paste with water at the very end of cooking risotto. Keep in mind to taste rice all the time, it has to be soft.

Risotto with trout.

Ingredients Risotto with trout.
rice for risotto (arborio or carnaroli) – 200 gr.
trout (fillet) – 200 gr.
olive oil – 1 tablespoon
1 small onion
dry white wine – 40-50 ml.
butter – 70 gr.
fish or chicken broth – 700 ml.

How to make Risotto with trout.

Wash a trout fillets and dry them with napkins.
Salt a fish, sprinkle it with olive oil, put into a baking sheet and bake it into a stove with temperature ~180°C for 20-25 minutes.
Cool down a fish and cut it into flakes.
Peel and finely chop an onion. Melt 50 gr. of butter on frying-pan and roast an onion on a slow fire. Add a wine in a frying-pan, increase a fire and stir an onion till the alcohol is completely evaporated.
Decrease a fire and put a rice. Keep it stirring till rice will be completely saturated with oil. Pour to rice two kitchen spoons of a broth and stir it again till broth is absorbed by rice.
Keep cooking risotto for 20 minutes and add one kitchen spoon of a broth every time when it’s absorbed by rice. In a few minutes before risotto is done add the last one kitchen spoon of a broth and stir everything.
Add a piece of trout and the rest of butter and mix gently. Switch off a fire and leave risotto closed with a lid for 1-2 minutes and serve right after 2 minutes. Well cooked risotto has a creamy consistency with pleasant butter taste.

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