Ridged fingernails

nail plates ridged It happens sometimes that nails get covered with grooves, acquiring the ribbed form. The fact that your nail plates became ribbed is the signal of this or that disease or harmful effect of the unfavorable environment.

It is worth mentioning that there are several kinds of nail plates ribbing. In case you have vertical ribbing you shouldn’t be worried about the fact you have some serious disease. The fact that you have horizontal ribbing of the nail plates is quite another thing. It doesn’t only spoil the look of your nails but also should make you think seriously about nail plate treatment.

Other possible causes of fingernail and toenail ridges are systemic. Nail plates ribbing can be the result of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems disorders. The changes of this kind can be caused by the thyroid gland problems or iron deficiency anemia. The nail bed traumas and injuries as well as respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, the effect of some of the medicines or toxins, as well as the diseases of the digestive tract can also be the reasons of nail plates ribbing.

The nail plates ribbing can appear due to the inappropriate diet, or due to the keratin deficiency in the body. It happens thanks to the insufficient amount of the vitamin B in the human body, and the small amount of water consumed a day (that is less than two liters). Apart from the reasons above listed there can be the lack of vitamins, as selenium and vitamin A.

The nail plate deformation can happen due to the mechanical damage while manicure making. For example, in case of careless cuticle removal it is possible to carry the infection that will cause the nail plate ribbing.

Ridged fingernails treatment

1. Nail ridges can indicate a serious problem requiring immediate medical evaluation. Pay attention to your diet: it is quite possible you have a lack of some vitamins in your body. First of all, it can be the lack of vitamins of A group, B group and the lack of selenium. All these vitamins take part in nail plates construction, so in case of these vitamins deficiency the nail growth in uneven. The nail plates ribbing can also be caused by the lack of water in the body, as the needed daily amount of water is about two liters.

2. Remember if you didn’t damage your nails while making manicure. It is quite possible that the infection that was carried through the cuticle injury caused some kind of the nail diseases.

3. One of the reasons causing the ribbing of the nail plates surface is the fungus infection. It can also be one of the three eczema kinds. In this case nails not only change their looks but the skin starts aching, and there is the redness in the areas around the nail plates. In case you have these symptoms you should turn to your dermatologist and have a special course of treatment.

4. To make your mails look healthy again you can try making salt water baths daily. The whole course of treatment will take 1 or 2 weeks. To make the bath you will need 1 table spoon of salt (you can use as sea salt as ordinary salt), pour0.5 literof hot water, add some drops of iodine or lemon juice, and dip your fingers into this solution. You should make this procedure for 15 minutes. Then dry your hands and rub some nourishing cream or fortified oil into the nail plates and into the skin around them.

5. Ribbed nail plates can simply be the physiological feature of your nails. In this case you don’t need any special treatment. The only thing you should do is include more greens, pomegranates, buckwheat, carrots, melons and red meat into your daily diet.

6. Incase you often apply varnish onto your nails, don’t use any nail enamel removers containing acetone. You nails need some breaks between the nail varnish application sessions; at this time you should moisturize them and cover them with the special protective composition available at the chemist’s.

All the above listed symptoms will help to diagnose any pathological changes in your nail plates. You should pay attention to any of them and take special measures or turn to the doctor in case there are some, as the ridged fingernails is one of the symptoms and the signs of possible abnormalities in the human body.

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