How to get rid of puffy eyes

puffy eyes Each of us faced the problem of morning puffy eyes. And this trouble can even worsen an already bad mood from a hard wake up. Puffy eyes and swollen eyelids in the mirror’s reflection equally upset both women and men. Sounds familiar? Topical problem almost every day? What can you do? First of all, do not rub! Let’s look at puffy eyes in more details to find out how we can help ourselves.

The reasons of morning puffy eyes can be different. The party night before, night coffee at the computer, lack of sleep, insomnia, kidney disease, varicose veins…And if you slept, shrinking, putting your hand under the neck, you will surely have swollen eyes.

Puffy Eyes: Signs and Symptoms

What are the main features of the syndrome of puffy eyes? Here are just a few:
- Swelling under the eyes or around the eyes and eyelid.
- “Bags” or excessive skin under the eyes, which seem to inflate or hanging.
- Itchy, red or irritated eyes.
- The inability to open or close the eyes completely because of swelling.
- Dark circles accompanied by sagging skin under the eyes.

Everyone defines his degree of swollen eyes; it really depends on the person. For some a small discoloration in the early morning is enough to qualify it as a swollen eye syndrome. For others, swollen eyes are considered only when the giant water bags are hanging from their eyelashes. You know best how to determine this degree and, therefore, are the best judge of whether you suffer from the syndrome of puffy eyes or not.

Fortunately, you do not have to live with swollen eyes constantly. In fact, if you have puffy eyes because there is fluid in your body, then the easiest way to reduce the swelling is to drink less liquid. There are some other tips that you can follow to help reduce the swelling of the eyes, depending on the reason.

So what to do if there is no time in the morning, and the eyes are almost unnoticeable?

Contrast douche. We are nor cruel, so alternate not with ice and hot, but bearable cool and warm. Set the stream to maximum – such additional massage also improves the blood circulation.

Brushing your teeth … all the time making faces. Yes, yes, make all sorts of faces! Engage more muscles around the eyes: Screw up the eyes and hold for 2 seconds, then open your eyes wide, blink fast, rotate the eyes … Bonus – an improved morning mood t is guaranteed.

Wash your face with very cold water and rub your face with hands. Ideally – wash the face with highly carbonated water from the refrigerator, as micro bubbles also make a massage and dissolved salts and minerals strengthen the skin.

If your eyes are swollen very often, prepare ice in molds, and instead of washing rub the face with ice cube. Ice is the ancient way of getting rid of the puffiness!

Look in the mirror once again to see the improvements. Usually, the appearance of your eyes after all these manipulations should already be close to normal. If everything is really bad or you want to maximize the similarity to your usual reflection, proceed to the next step.

Massage the eye area. To save time, you can do it while preparing breakfast or even during meals (while you chew the food), but it’s better to give it a couple of minutes.

So: at the upper eyelid, gently pressing with the pads of index fingers from the bridge of nose to the temples, 10 times. Repeat the same thing under the eyes, from the nose to the temples, 10 times. Just do not pull the skin, as you don’t want to have the wrinkles.

And now “play the piano” under the eyes, i.e., make frequent tips by turns you’re your fingertips. This kind of self-massage for the eyes is the easiest and most effective. 2 minutes are enough for the entire massage.

cure-puffy-eyes Additional useful tips, if puffy eyes have become usual for you, but you are determined to deal with them:

1. Quick recovery: in the evening, prepare a decoction 1st. spoon on 1 cup of boiling water (chamomile, sage, mint). Cool it, pour into molds for ice and store in the freezer. Massage with ice cube around puffy eyes is the most effective sos-agent. Drive the ice until the skin endures, then for 2-3 seconds let her “get over it” and continue until the entire cube melts. Finally, lightly tap with your fingers on the eyelids.

2. Cold cucumber will help you out if there is no ready ice (compress: put the rings of cucumber on the eyes for 5 minutes or massage it with a piece of the core). There is also a bonus – less wrinkles + fresh face color!

3. There is also another option: buy a special mask for the eye area made of thick moisturizing gel. Keep it in the refrigerator. When you need to remove the swelling (or need a relaxation for the eyes after a computer), put it on eyes and rest for 10 minutes. It is reusable, so it will serve you for a long time.

4. Swelling + dark circles + red whites of the eyes: you must have 10 free minutes. Soak a cotton ball in cold brewing of strong black tea, gently squeeze and put on the eyes. Rest for10 minutes.

5. Try not to drink lot of liquid 2-3 hours before bedtime. Usually, the excess amount of the drunken water is reflected on your face in the morning. Better eat a few juicy fruits.

6. Before bedtime and in the morning, use cosmetic gels and creams for the eyes – they help to remove the swelling. Moreover, they are convenient for doing a morning massage of the eye area, as they slide, moisturize the skin, smooth fine lines and generally give fresh look.

7. Chronic puffy eyes: consult your doctor, and drink the light diuretic infusions and / or herbal teas to avoid fluid retention. Make contrast showers your mandatory morning ritual – really helps.

Still, remember about the ice cube, it will not let you down!

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