Pineapple Diet

pineapple diet Everybody knows that pineapple is a tasty and healthy fruit, but not everyone heard that this tropical fruit contains an effective means for weight loss! Pineapple includes a rare enzyme bromelain, splitting complex lipids, helping the body to digest fats. Of course it doesn’t mean that you’ll start losing weight immediately after eating this fruit.

Pineapple can blunt hunger. That’s why if you want to reduce the amount of food, include this fruit into your diet. Eating pineapples every day, you’ll start eating less food and get the desired ideal figure. Pineapple is tasty, flavorful and juicy, so why don’t you use this „natural wonder” in a tough fight for your slenderness.

Losing weight with the help of pineapple

You will ask: how? The thing is that in the 80-ies scientists extracted the so-called „wonderful enzyme” bromelain from pineapple, which favors intensive fat burning. At that time many people started using pineapple diet and including pineapple in different dishes: pastry, salads and especially side dishes for fatty meat. But further research slightly corrected the new image of this fruit. In reality pineapple contributes to fast digestion and prevents excessive weight accumulation. It is explained by the property of bromelain to split only proteins, as for fat depots, pineapple effects them insignificantly. But don’t be upset: protein food (fish, meat, beans) will be digested faster if you’ll drink pineapple juice or eat a piece of fresh fruit.

In spite of the fact that pineapple is quite sweet, it’s low in calories: 100 grams of its flesh contain only 46 kcal, and 100 grams of juice – just 56 kcal. Pineapple doesn’t contain fat at all, so you can eat even a whole fruit, it won’t harm your figure.

Most doctors and dietologists advice to have fasting days once a week. To do it you should divide 1 kg of pineapples into 3-4 portions and eat it during the day. You should also drink a lot (water, fruit and herbal tea). You can also drink about a liter of fresh pineapple juice. As pineapple is low in calories, such a fasting day will let you lose 0,5-1 kg.
At the same time you won’t feel hunger, as fiber contained in the fruit will give you the feeling of satiety. Include yoga and meditation into this day to stand pineapple diet easier.
Remember that acid contained in pineapple erodes tooth enamel, that’s why you should rinse your mouth with water after eating pineapple.

Take into consideration that because of large amount of acids contained in pineapple, people who have peptic ulcer or increased gastric acidity shouldn’t eat it.

Pregnant women should be careful with unripe fruit, as they have abortive properties. If you are not sure in the quality of juice or fruit freshness you’d better not eat the fruit during pregnancy. And of course pineapple diet is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Useful tips for pineapple diet:

- add low calorie and fatless products to the diet;
- use pineapples as side dishes, desserts and refreshments;
- try to eat only fresh pineapples, they are the most useful for your health; any treatment reduces the useful properties of pineapples;
- drink more water during pineapple diet.

Diet variants:

Pineapple diet #1

You’ll need about 2 kilos of pineapples and a liter of pineapple juice (it should be sugar free). Cut pineapples into circles, divide them into 4 portions (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and eat all the fruit and drink the juice during the day. You can’t eat anything else. The diet lasts for 2 days.

Pineapple diet #2

This is a milder version of the first diet, where besides pineapples and juice you can have 100 gr of curd (fatless), 100 gr of lean meat and a little rye bread. During the 2 days of the diet you can lose 2 kilos of excessive weight.

Pineapple diet #3

There is an extra ingredient, which serves as the main course, added to the first diet, which is boiled rice without salt. On average about 3 kilos „disappear” after 2 days of the diet.

Pineapple diet – dietologist’s advice

Pineapple diet is a couple of fasting days, as a result you can lose several kilos. The properties of enzyme bromelain, contained in pineapples are overrated.
First of all you should get the fats if you want the enzyme to split them, but you don’t get fats during the diet. Secondly, bromelain splits only excessive fats, if the amount of fats is normal, your organism can deal with them itself.
That’s why during the pineapple diet you don’t lose weight thanks to bromelain, but thanks to the restriction of the amount of fats and proteins you get. Keeping this diet for 2 days will have the same effect as keeping a cucumber or buckwheat diet for 2 days.

At the same time, pineapple has a lot of advantages: it improves metabolism, increases digestive process activity and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Note that you should eat the fruit not right after your meal, but between meals.
Pineapples are contradicted to people who have individual intolerance to the fruit and diabetes sufferers – pineapples contain a lot of fruit sugar.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting the pineapple diet consult your doctor or dietologist.

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