Oatmeal diet

oat There is an opinion that oatmeal diet isn’t balanced enough, but in reality oat has a lot of useful properties, thanks to which it was and still is widely used in medicine. Of course eating even the healthiest product for a long time is unacceptable, but keeping oatmeal diet for 1-2 weeks won’t harm your health significantly and will help you lose weight and cleanse your body.

Oat effectively cleanses the intestines of stale slags that accumulate in the digestive tract. So you’ll lose weight usefully! Besides, eating oat products improves the mood and, prevents from digestive system pathologies, increases working capacity and is a source of energy. Fiber, formed in the process of cooking oatmeal is a specific polymeric carbohydrate. It gets into your stomach in the form of a slimy mass, which coats the inner surface and swells preventing you from feeling hungry for a longer time. Fiber also creates the necessary conditions for beneficial intestinal flora and strengthens the contraction of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, which does not give food from staying in the gut. It is fiber, which gathers toxins and waste products removing them from the body.
Oatmeal contains vegetable fats and proteins (almost completely absorbed by the body), organic acids, essential oils, vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP, provitamin A, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron) and minerals. The amino acid composition of oatmeal is the most similar to muscle protein, which makes it particularly useful. This peculiarity lies in the basis of losing weight with the help of oatmeal diet.

Oatmeal diet indication

Keeping the oatmeal diet you free your digestive tract from harmful intestinal toxins, which in particular cases weigh over fifteen (!) kilos, normalize your weight, improve your working capacity and get rid of many gastro-intestinal tract problems. Gastroenterologists recommend oatmeal diet for prevention and treatment of many diseases of the abdominal cavity, including hepatitis, gastritis, ulcers, digestive canal inflammatory processes and even liver cirrhosis. That’s why we can say for sure that oatmeal diet is not only a fast and safe weight correction, but also a „tasty” way of prevention and treatment of various digestive system pathologies.

Oatmeal diet effectiveness

If you keep oatmeal diet in a proper way you can lose up to three kilos in a week. Specialists may say that such quick weight loss is not good for your organism. It is true if we are talking about losing your fat, but in this particular case the mechanism of quick weight normalization is more connected with the process of body cleansing, than with the “dissolution” of adipose tissue. During this time your organism is getting rid of harmful slags, and weight loss connected with the cleansing process doesn’t harm your health. Vice versa. But does it mean that oatmeal diet won’t help overweight people? No, of course it will.

Slags building up in our body are a serious reason for disruption of normal digestion or useful nutrients absorption. As a result, elements needed for normal living can have a very low absorption degree, because they quickly pass through the intestine, and a person feels hungry again in a short time. Absorption in such an intestine full of slags can sometimes be very selective, when some elements are absorbed better (for example, fats) and some – worse (for example carbohydrates and proteins). As a result, the misbalance in such a „dirty” digestive tract contributes to weight gain and increased appetite. That’s why cleansing your intestine to normalize the processes of digestion and absorption can become a good start to return your body mass back to normal.

Oatmeal diet menu

Enough for the theory, now it’s time to proceed to the practice. Consider oatmeal diet menu. Luckily, oatmeal diet doesn’t have a special strict system, needed to be necessarily followed.
You can eat oat products in any comfortable time and in any form you prefer. For example, you can start with oat chrisp bread instead of the usual rye and wheat bread. If you like sweets, pay attention to oatmeal cookies which you can eat with tea or just as they are. Don’t forget to eat oatmeal porridge, which you should cook until it gets jelly-like, for breakfast every day.

Gradually you can start a „pure” oatmeal diet: you eat a plate of oatmeal (better cooked on milk) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can add raisins, butter, honey, sugar and jam to this porridge. You’d better not use pepper, salt and other spices, because they excite our appetite. And between meals you can eat a moderate amount of fruit. Don’t drink anything for half an hour after eating oatmeal. Pay attention to the fact that there is not enough vitamins and microelements in oat products. That’s why a long (at least half a year) brake is recommended after two weeks of oatmeal diet.

Oatmeal diet is recommended not only to lose weight, but also to make your organism healthier. The results of oatmeal diet can be quite positive for overall body strengthening and improving the tone. If you’ve already tried many diets, but haven’t achieved the desired results, we recommend using oat for slimming, oatmeal diet can work wonders!

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting the oatmeal diet consult your doctor or dietologist.

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