Nutritional value of cucumbers

cucumbers Cucumber is a real mass-consumption product. Despite low nutritive value both fresh and cooked cucumbers have a great deal of gustatory, curing and edible qualities. Having a pleasant smell cucumbers when our appetite and promote digestion of other food by activation of digestive glands. Juicy and crispy cucumbers are beloved by all the people on the world.

People consume unripe cucumbers which can be classified as following:

- Pickles (3-5 cm length), small and all covered with pimples, absolutely unripe.
- Gherkins (5-9 cm length)
- Green cucumbers (9-14 cm length)

The cucumbers contain record amount of water – up to 96.8 %. But it’s not simple water but water of life – it contains mineral salts (there’re little mineral salts but their ratio is just perfect) and due to this cucumbers have really positive influence on human body which is anyway still not fully explained.

Healthy benefits of cucumber

Mineral complex of cucumber includes phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, silicon, sulfur and lots of other microelements. Also there’s some iodine and though its amount is little it’s a fact that people who regularly consume cucumbers rarer suffer from diseases of thyroid gland. Also cucumber contains elements helping digest meat and vitamin B2. Fresh and fabulous taste of cucumbers depends on presence of little amount of oxydase of ascorbic acid – vitamin C.

Cucumbers contain (milligrams for 100 g of raw cucumber): carotene (provitamin A) – 0.06-0.28, thiamine (vitamin B) – 0.018-0.03, biotin (vitamin of life – P) – 0.021, pyridoxine (vitamin B6) – 0.035, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) – 0.19-0.2, pantothenic acid (vitamin B3) – 0.24, folic acid (vitamin B9) – 0.06. B9 by the way can be found only in fresh cucumbers grown on vegetable bed. It is rapidly and easily destroyed during cooking under influence of temperature. Proteolytic ferment discovered in cucumbers dissolves gelatin and coagulates milk that’s why it’s not recommended to consume milk products with cucumbers.

Cucumber contains a record-breaking amount of alkaline equivalents and normalizes the blood reaction by making the blood structure more alkaline. The whole kilogram of cucumbers contains only 150 kcal and it explains why cucumbers are included in pretty all the healthy diets.

Cucumber juice is a very effective remedy against coughing. It helps people suffering from tuberculosis feel better and it has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions. In case of chronic colitis it’s advised to consume daily at least 100 g of smashed cucumber. So 100 g of cucumber are poured with two glasses of water, brought to boil and then drawn for 15 minutes. Such remedy should be consumed three times a day, each dose is about half of glass. By the way this decoction is useful in case of hepatitis as well.

Besides salads cucumbers are widely used in first and second dishes and different snacks. Cucumbers are often preserved with salting or pickling as well. Cucumber juice bleaches skin and makes it fresh, velvety and opaque. Also it reduces the amount of fat production that leads to diminishing of number of blackheads.

Facial mask made of cucumber

Cucumber facial masks proved to be very healthy for face skin. Cucumbers provide our skin with proper nourishment and moistening, reduce irritations and narrow pores. Also cucumbers have outstanding smoothing effect and help in struggle with pimples and spots.

1. Bleaching cucumber mask. The first thing you should do is to take a half of medium-sized cucumber and grate it properly. After that take two tablespoons of grated cucumber and cover it with a glass of boiling water. Then take it to a dark place and as soon as the mix gets cool – just strain it. Now you have a healthy mask which should be put on the face for 15-20 minutes and then removed with warm water.

2. A cucumber mask against mouth area wrinkles. Take a small cucumber and put in to a freezer for the whole night. Then take it, let till it gets room temperature, slice it and put cucumber rounds on mouth area for 15 minutes.

3. Cucumber mask against spots. Take a medium-sized cucumber and cut several slices off. After that grate these slices and thoroughly mix it with one tablespoon of lemon juice. The mixture you got is to be put right on pimples and spots for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards just remove it with warm water.


In case of exacerbation of peptic ulcer or diseases duodenum fresh cucumbers are strictly not recommended. People who suffer from chronic or acute enteritis and gastritis should limit the amount of consumed cucumbers. Fermented and salted cucumbers are contra-indicated in cases of hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Also salt cucumbers must be expelled from the diet of people with chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure and urolithiasis.

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