Masks for fast hair growth

Masks for fast hair growth Every woman has tried to grow long hair at least once. This is a difficult process, which requires a lot of time and patience, as the speed of hair growth doesn’t exceed 0,9-1,3 cm a month! That’s why the question how to grow your hair fastly is always acute.

If you want to grow long hair you have to follow the main rules rigorously, here they are:

1. Apply masks for hair growth regularly
2. Cut the split ends once in two months
3. Never comb wet hair – it favors hair loss;
4. Comb your hair as often as possible, especially before washing and sleeping, this way you activate blood circulation and your hair grows faster.

The last points are pretty clear, as for the firs one, it’s worth a more detailed consideration. In this article we’d like to tell you about the best masks for hair growth and reveal the secrets of its strength and health.

There are many recipes of homemade masks for hair growth, but not all of them will give you the desired result. Using the well-tried masks, you can expect real achievements. We suggest you only time-tested remedies.

Hair mask based on castor and burdock oil

To make the mask for active hair growth you should mix the equal proportions of castor and burdock oil and add several drops of oil vitamins A and E. Then rub the mixture into your scalp and cover with a poly bag. Let the mask work for 2 hours and then thoroughly wash it off with shampoo. You should know, that it’s not that easy to wash off oil, so you’ll have to try hard. But the result will definitely please you. If you use the mask for active hair growth regularly, you’ll see a real miracle!

Hair growth mask of oil, egg, onion and honey

An onion hair mask, unlike some other types of hair mask, makes use of an easily available ingredient. Thoroughly mix a teaspoon of vegetable oil, a yolk, a teaspoon of grated oil and a teaspoon of honey to a smooth paste. Then apply the onion hair growth mask on your scalp and hair.

Just like with the previous recipe, cover your head with a poly bag, and then wrap it with a towel, creating the heat. Wash the mask off in an hour. You should take into account that the smell of onion is quiet strong, that’s why you’d better add lemon juice to water, when washing your head. It can seem unreal, but using onion masks you can grow long hair in a really short term, speeding their growth up almost twofold. If you don’t believe it – check it yourself. Onion mask for hair growth very efficiently.

Mustard hair growth mask

Precautions for use: You should remember that in case of improper use f mustard you can overdry your skin, which can cause dandruff and hair brittleness.
You should use mustard very carefully in case you have very sensitive head skin, or you are allergic to mustard. You can check it up in a very simple way. Dilute a pinch of mustard powder with one drop of water and apply a small amount of this mixture onto the dorsum of your hand. If you feel slight burning, you have a normal skin reaction as for the mustard. But if there is also skin reddening and itching, you are not recommended to use mustard masks.

You should also remember of the fact that while mask making mustard powder is diluted with warm water only and the temperature of the water mustn’t be higher than 40˚ C. In case you use boiling water for diluting the mustard powder, mustard starts evolving toxic essential oils, which produce harmful effect onto your head skin condition. It is better to use mustard as an ingredient for fatty masks on the base of kefir, mayonnaise or vegetable oils.

This recipe Mustard hair mask is based on a very interesting peculiarity of mustard: it warms the scalp up and causes a rush of blood to hair bulbs. This is how you make mustard hair growth mask: mix 2 tablespoons of dry mustard powder with 2 tablespoons of boiling water, then add 2 teaspoons of sugar sand (you can add more, then the mustard will be more „severe”), 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil (burdock, peach, olive, cosmetic) and a yolk.

Then separate your hair into halves, applying the mustard mask on your scalp, try not to touch the ends. After applying the mask, wrap your head with poly bag and a loop towel, a kerchief or a warm hat and wait for 10-30 minutes. As soon as you feel that your head „burns”, you have to stop the procedure. If you can endure it, you’d better leave the mask for an hour, imagining gorgeous long hair. But 15 minutes is a necessary minimum. Then wash the mask off with the help of shampoo.

You should apply the hair growth mask 1-2 times a week during at least a month. To make it more effective you can also use a store-bought balm or mask right after the mustard mask. The warmed up scalp will immediately absorb the components, speeding up hair growth. This way your hair will not only grow faster, but also will become thicker and more voluminous.

Many men could grow new hair in their bold areas and make thin hair really thick after using mustard hair growth mask regularly. If you try this mask you’ll sure see the result and will not want to stop!

Mustard & aloe hair mask for intensive hair growth

Ingredients for the mask: 2 egg yolks, 1 table spoon of aloe, 1 table spoon of mustard, 2 table spoons of cognac (or herbal alcoholic infusion), 2 teaspoons of cream or sour cream. Mix everything thoroughly, then apply onto your dry hair, and leave for 20 minutes. Wash the mask off with the help of shampoo.

Beer hair growth mask

To make the mask you have to mix a glass of beer (or more) with two egg whites. Apply the mask on your head and cover it with a poly bag and a warm towel.

Keep the mask for an hour and then wash it off with f low water of room temperature. Beer is rich in vitamins of B group which effect the structure of a hair positively and make it strong and healthy.

Kefir hair growth mask

Women from the eastern countries have always had long, strong, thick and shiny hair. The secret of their gorgeous hair is very simple – before washing their hair the beauties swilled it with fermented milk products: curdled milk, kumis and kefir.

Kefir hair growth mask is really easy to make – take common kefir or curdled milk in an amount, necessary to apply on an entire hair length from roots to ends. To avoid the specific smell of sour milk on your hair you should add 5-10 drops of your favorite attar to a slightly warmed up kefir.

We should note that not all hair growth masks can make your hair shine. That’s why we’ll reveal one more secret how you should take care of your hair after applying the masks to make it shiny. You can make a really effective procedure after the kefir mask.

Mix edible gelatin with warm water so that there were no lumps and let it draw. Mix the turgid gelatin with shampoo, apply on your hair, and cover with a poly bag for 20-30 minutes. This will be an excellent supplement to any hair growth mask. Then wash your head thoroughly and enjoy the result – your hair will become really shiny and voluminous!

Actually it’s not that important which hair growth masks you use. What counts is regular and accurate hair care which will make it beautiful and healthy.

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