How to Remove Hair Permanently

girl remove hair It is not a secret that there are many methods of getting rid of excessive or undesirable hair: hair plucking, shaving, electrolysis, waxing and laser hair removal. The method of choice depends on your financial position, individual characteristics and needs and a desire to remove hair permanently or temporarily.

How to Permanently Remove Undesirable Hair

Laser hair removal. This method is perfect for people with dark hair and a very fair skin. Some not too pleasant feelings may occur during the process of laser hair removal, but this procedure is not as painful as waxing. 10 minutes are enough to get rid of hair on the chin or above the upper lip. Laser hair removal has several stages. As a rule, 6-7 procedures within four weeks are required. Sometimes you will have to pay 300 dollars per one procedure. In spite of long duration and high cost, laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent hair removal. It means that hair may grow again. By the way, don’t forget that only a professional cosmetician can perform laser hair removal.

Hair plucking is the best way of removing hair in the area of superciliary arches and eyes. There are two important moments here: undesired hair should be thick enough; you need a good and reliable hair tweezers. Remember that handy hair tweezers are quite expensive.

Shaving is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting rid of undesirable hair. It is also one of the most affordable methods. Shaving is almost painless. The most important factor here is the right choice of shaving oil, cream or lotion. You need them to shave safely and painlessly. If there are additional vitamins and useful oils in shaving cosmetics, the shaving process may be even more comfortable. So, you sill remove undesirable hair and take care of your skin. If the skin on your legs has become rough after shaving, you can use special creams made specially for taking care of your skin after shaving. You should be careful in order not to cut your skin during shaving.

Waxing is another method of removal of undesirable hair. All visitors of beauty salons adore waxing. Wax is applied to the part of your body, which should be cleaned of hair. Sticky tar is a binding material that makes hair stick together, and then the hairs are pulled out with one rapid movement. In this case, only the upper part of hair is removed, and the root remains, so hair grows again in future. There is a high probability of strong pain at the first waxing procedure. The following procedures cause much less pain. Waxing cannot guarantee permanent hair removal, but it is still quite expensive. It should also be noted that waxing is one of the most favorable methods of hair removal in the bikini area.

String hair removal is another interesting method. It is quite widespread and popular in large towns and cities. String hair removal allows getting rid of undesirable hair in the area of the upper lip, the chin and superciliary arches. The best way is to visit a beauty salon and make use of services of a professional cosmetician. A special roller made of cotton strings is used. Each hair is winded round the roller by means of strings and pulled out.

Cream hair removal is also used to remove undesirable hair. It is easy, cheap and simple. It is very convenient to use cream hair removal, when you have no time and need to remove hair quickly. Go to a shop and buy an epilation cream. Nowadays there is a vast majority of various brands for different skin types with many different microelements, oils, vitamins and other components. You can choose the optimal variant on the basis of cost and your needs. A cream is applied to chosen areas for several minutes, and then hair is completely and painlessly removed by a special stick, which comes with the cream. Read the instruction before applying the cream, because each manufacturer states the exact time of influence on your hair before you can remove the cream. There are special creams for hair removal in the area of superciliary arches, chin and face. Creams remove hair temporarily (2-3 weeks).

Electrolysis is a good method for delicate skin, but you cannot be completely sure in results. Only a professional cosmetician can do electrolysis. Electrolysis involves sliding a needle in a follicle of each hair. Then follicles and roots of hair are then destroyed with an electrical current. It is a very tiresome and difficult method, so it is used only in small areas: upper lip, chin, eyebrows. One procedure costs about 50 dollars, and you will need about 15-30 procedures to achieve the desired result. Electrolysis can remove undesirable hair forever.

We hope that our advices would be helpful for you in the process of choosing the method of hair removal, suitable for you and your hair. All the above-mentioned procedures have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you which one to choose.

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