Essential oils for hair

essential oils for hair Essential oils are aromatic volatiles, contained in herbs. Nowadays there are over 3000 essential oil plants known, 300 of which are used in industry. Essential oils are used in medicine, cosmetology and food industry. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. People have known about their healthy influence for thousands of years already.

Using essential oils for treatment

Essential oils for hair are used not only as a preventive measure, but also for treatment. For this purpose you have to identify the problem and choose the right oil. The methods of hair treatment with essential oils depend on your goals, as each of them helps solving certain problems.

Thus, essential oils can be used for:

- Speeding hair growth up;
- Slowing hair growth down;
- Hair strengthening;
- Prevention of hair loss;
- Making hair shiny and thick.

Any essential oil for hair has a combined impact, that’s why they can be used for different hair problems. For example, essential oils strengthening hair also prevent its loss. And anti-hair loss essential oils stimulate its growth. You should take into account that they are mostly effective in mixtures, and we’ll give you several recipes of masks containing essential oils for hair, the opinions of which are quite good.

If you want to grow your hair faster, you can use essential oils stimulating hair growth. They are: rosemary essential oil for hair, pine, cinnamon, lavender and sage oils. What is more, rosemary oil is considered to be one of the most valuable in aromatherapy. It stimulates blood circulation, opens the pores, speeds hair growth up and strengthens immunity. Cinnamon essential oil has antioxidant effect, improves blood supply of hair cuticles and favors hair growth. But it has a strong effect and can cause inflammation, that’s why you’d better add it to mixtures.

Anti-split essential oils can be used also for its growth and for dry hair, cause this problems are interconnected. Anti-split essential oils are: camomile essential oil for hair, cranesbill, rosewood, sandal and ilang oils. Sandal oil strengthens hair, reduces dandruff and improves scalp blood circulation. With the help of camomile oil you can make your hair shiny and elastic and make it a little fairer. It restores hair well and make it shine.

To get rid of greasy shine and improve the looks of your hair you can apply essential oils for greasy hair. Grapefruit essential oil for hair, bergamot, verbena, marjoram, cedar, balm and juniper oils are good for this purpose. Marjoram suits greasy hair perfectly, cause it regulates the sebaceous glands and hair stays clean longer as a result. Grapefruit oil also normalizes the sebaceous glands and improves hair growth. Balm and juniper oils prevent hair from sticking together, reduce its greasiness and eliminate dandruff. Cedar essential oil normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, prevents hair loss and gives them natural shine. Using patchouli essential oil regularly will make your hair more elastic and shiny and reduce greasiness.

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