The best vitamins for hair strengthening and intensive hair growth

best vitamins for hair Almost every woman at least once in her life dreamt to have long and attractive hair. Some of them managed to attain this goal, but some of them gave up after some vain attempts, as their hair didn’t grow fast enough, or reaching the desired length lost their elasticity and attractiveness. To be true, here it is impossible to succeed without some special beauty aids, such as special vitamins for intensive hair growth!

If you have already set your goals, the only thing you should do is to choose the means to attain it. Of course, the best aids to succeed in your striving to have attractive and healthy hair are vitamins for your hair and nails (as it is known that for their healthy look your nails need the same nutrients as your hair). If you ask what vitamins are the best choice for your hair there will hardly be any unambiguous answer, though. And the matter is not only the fact, that your hair needs individual approach (although it is a high-priority issue). The choice of the best nutrients depends on the problem with your hair you’d like to solve – or prevent by means of effective preventive care.

So, the best vitamins for your hair are the vitamins, chosen for you by your hairdresser, your dermatologist (in case you have some kind of head skin problems) or trichologists. On the other hand, there are top-ranked vitamins for the hair. As for that, we’ll discuss the essential kinds of them in our article.

The best of the best vitamins for intensive hair growth

If you want to make your hair grow faster and healthier day after day you will need quality vitamins for the hair growth intensification. At the moment it goes not about the manufactured vitamin complexes available at any drug store, but about the vitamins they must contain. The best vitamins for hair growth are A, C, E vitamins as well as the range of vitamins of B group. Every of these vitamins has its own function, providing a proper care of your head skin and strengthening your hair, making them silky, strong and thick. Used as a vitamin complex they are able to provide maximum nutrition for your hair. Thus, the vitamins of B group (such as thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folic acid, biotin and etc) is vital for the normal hair growth. The lack of vitamins in human body not only results in excessive hair loss, but can be the reason of alopecia as well. In its turn the E vitamin is responsible for the circulation of oxygen in blood, which in its turn influences the hair growth. Vitamin C is also important for blood supply. A vitamin is responsible for the recovery processes in the human body and also regulates the head skin sebaceous glands activity. The above-listed vitamins are really the best ones for the hair growth intensification, and it will be much harder to grow the long and healthy hair without the help of the vitamin complex containing them.

Tips on the choice of vitamins for hair growth

Even the best vitamin complex won’t be effective if you choose and take the vitamins in an inappropriate way. First of all, if you faced the problem of slow hair growth, or your hair lost its gloss, strength and elasticity, there is the reason for isiting your trichologist. It is quite possible that the problem is not the lack of vitamins, but hormonal disorders. If in such case you will take a special vitamin complex that you have chosen without any professional advice it won’t do any harm, but it still won’t help to solve your hair problems. Apart from hormone tests you may also need to be tested for haemoglobin level in your blood. Only after all the tests it will be possible to make conclusions as for the reason for slow hair growth or for the excessive hair loss. The trichologist is also able to choose a more efficient vitamin complex for your individual case, intended for solving the specific hair problems you have.

But in any case you should be aware of the fact that even the best vitamin complex for hair growth can produce different effects in every individual case. Anyway, in our days you have the opportunity to have a special hair test for vitamin deficiency which shows what substances are not in the sufficient amounts in your hair, and what substances are in excess here. In this case
it is much easier to choose the vitamin complex for you. It is also worth paying attention that vitamins as a rule influence the growth and the condition of your new hair, not the old one.

Taking vitamins for hair growth make sure your vitamin complex contains not only the above-listed vitamins, but also such microelements as iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Your vitamins should not contain any flavoring and coloring matters. As a rule you are strongly recommended to take your vitamins together with your meals, strictly following the company-manufacturer’s core data sheet.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting vitamins for hair growth consult your doctor or dietologist.

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