Ballerina diet – minus 4 kilos

ballerina diet Fragile, subtle, fluttering like a butterfly on the scene, it’s impossible not to admire ballerinas. How is it possible to keep such a shape? A famous diet of ballerina Maya Plisetskaya comes to our mind – „Do not eat!” But in reality the opinion that ballerina’s diet consists of bans is wrong…

Ballerina’s eating philosophy

If for a common woman beauty and health are at stake when they choose the products, for ballet primas it’s also their career and professional success. That’s why several generations of ballerinas have worked out the rules of nutrition, which satisfy all the needs of the organism, without giving a single chance to fat. You can’t call it anything, but eating philosophy. It helps lose weight without starving, keep it and enjoy your food. So why don’t we, common women, open the secrets of ballerinas and use their diet?

How ballerinas eat and lose weight

Anything that can contribute to weight gain (it doesn’t matter whether it’s fat mass increase or retention of water in the body) is ruthlessly removed from the menu. First of all it’s sugar, salty products (semi-finished, smoked products and all kinds of marinades). What is more, the amount of salt in dishes is reduced by adding natural soy sauce and lemon juice. All carbonated drinks and beer are forbidden. They affect not only the figure, but also muscle tonus.

But there is one exception from this rule. Ballerinas can eat a piece of bitter chocolate, which will immediately fill them with energy before the show.

What ballerinas eat for breakfast

Ballerinas know the laws of physiology well, that’s why they start their day with a hearty breakfast. Metabolism reaches its peak in the morning and gradually decreases during the day, that’s why ballerinas adjust their eating habits to this peculiarity of the organism. They eat the most caloric dishes in the morning and don’t feel hungry until the middle of the day. There is no risk to gain weight with such diet.

What ballerinas eat for lunch

To kip fit with the help of ballerina diet, you should eat small portions, but often. In general you should eat at least 5 times a day. This way food is digested faster and you don’t feel hunger which can provoke overeating.

Ballerina diet after 6 p.m.

The main rule of all diets „not to eat after 6 p.m.” is not applied to ballerina diet. The thing is most of the shows are performed at night, and not to eat after a show is a crime against your figure. Without getting the proper reward for its work, organism turns on economy mode – metabolism slows down and it starts fat accumulation. But of course it should be a light dinner, for example vegetable salad and a piece of baked or cooked on steam fish.

Secrets of ballerina diet

Ballerina should always be full of energy and strength, otherwise her professional career has little chances for success. But it’s difficult to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from ballerina diet, so they get it with the help of multivitamin complexes, individually prescribed by a doctor.

Ballerina diet menu

8 a.m. — breakfast
A quarter of pack of low-fat curd with fresh berries, porridge cooked on water, crisp bread with a slice of cheese and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

11 a.m.— second breakfast
A glass of low-fat natural yoghurt, an apple, a glass of fresh orange (grapefruit) juice or green tea.

2 p.m. — lunch
A portion of light vegetable soup or 100 grams of rice or buckwheat with a piece of boiled or baked white chicken meat, a salad of fresh season vegetables.

5 p.m. — afternoon luncheon
An apple, crisp bread with a slice of cheese, a piece of chocolate, a cup of green tea.

9 p.m. — dinner
A piece of baked fish, salad of fresh vegetables or 100 grams of stewed vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, cabbage etc.)

Sticking to these simple and rational rules you can lose 3-4 kilos in a month. Remember, ballerina diet is for those who have active lifestyle. The main principle is to get as many calories as you expend. That’s why consult a doctor before starting balerina diet.

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