Baking soda face mask

baking soda face mask Baking soda… What do we know about this product? Mostly the fact that it should be at every house wife’s disposal in her kitchen, and as well as the fact that any buns and rolls can’t be made without baking soda.

With the help of baking soda previous centuries housewives cleaned the dishes, but together with it they never considered this product as perfect skin cleanser. The time passed and finally people started using soda for cosmetological purposes as well. Procedures where soda used are quite effective and very cheap which is rather important in our times.

Baking soda face masks are easy-to-use and effective skin care cosmetic product. They cleanse your skin perfectly, soften it and stop all the inflammatory processes. On this reason baking soda face masks are perfect for sensitive and irritated skin. The result of baking soda face masks application is soft, delicate, smooth and clear face skin.

Baking soda face mask recipes

Baking soda face masks for problem face skin

To make this kind of baking soda mask you should mix soda (one teaspoon) with any kind of flour that you have at hand (2 table spoons) or 2 table spoons of potato starch instead of flour. Then dilute the dry components of baking soda mask with warm water on order to obtain the porridge-like paste. Apply the mask onto the cleansed face skin in soft circular motions massaging slightly your face skin through all the procedure. Leave the mask on your skin for 10-15 minutes, and then remove it carefully with cotton wool pad. Cosmetologists recommend repeating this procedure one time a week.

Face baking soda mask for acne treatment

This procedure can be considered rather as a daily face skin cleansing procedure while washing your face than a classic example of a face mask. To make this warm soda solution you should simply dilute soda with warm water and leave for some time. This procedure is aimed at removing the skin irritation and stop inflammatory processes on your face skin, and also to dry up your skin a bit and remove the excessive sebum. If you tend to have large blackheads on your face skin, you shouldn’t wipe your skin with soda solution; it will be better to apply the baking soda paste onto your skin and leave it for several hours.

Baking Soda face mask for teenagers (recommended for pimpled skin treatment)

This mask made of 1 table spoon of baking soda and 1 table spoon of soapsuds is intended to help teenagers to treat pimples as a rule appearing on the teenager skin. To make this kind of mask you should mix soapsuds with baking soda to obtain a smooth paste. Before you use the mask, it is recommended to cleanse your skin properly and steam it out well. After that apply the soda mask onto your face skin in tender circular motions with the help of cotton wool pad, and leave it for 10 minutes. You should wash off the mask with warm water. At the end of the procedure use a light-textured face cream. You should have this procedure once or twice a week.

Cosmetologists don’t recommend using this mask in case there are open abscesses or purulent pimples on the skin. In this case you should visit your dermatologist who will prescribe you special lotion for this kind of skin inflammation treatment.

Baking Soda face mask recommended in case of baggy skin below the eyes and skin puffiness

One more perfect property the baking soda has is its ability to remove the effect of baggy skin below the eyes. The recipe of this mask is very simple and not effort-taking at all. To make this kind of baking soda mask you need 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 glass of water (or weak tea instead). Dilute soda in the water, and then soak the cotton pads in this solution, wring them out a bit and apply onto your eyes and eyelids. The procedure should last for 10-15 minutes.

Exfoliating baking soda face mask

Exfoliating face mask on the basis of baking soda and foam or gel face wash will help to remove the dead skin cells from your face skin. To do it you should mix these two components, until you make foam and then apply the obtained mixture onto your face in tender massaging moves. For several minutes massage your face skin, and then wash off the mask with cool water. After this cosmetic procedure your skin will become soft and tender.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting the baking soda face mask consult your doctor.

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