Average Calories Burned Naturally Per Day

woman loses weight The main principle of efficient losing weight is burning of bigger amount of calories when one consumes. It sounds really simple but it was simple nobody on our planet would have any troubles with obesity. So we often resort to extreme measures in order to obtain so desirable result – we swallow tablets, we keep strict diets and buy different devices from advertising videos which promise us quick and long-lasting results. Of course maybe you’ll lose some weight but can you imagine what happens when you stop keeping diet or using these devices? You’ll get everything back and even more! The only one secret about proper losing weight says that we should do it gradually with small steps. In order to lose 1 pound of fat one should lose 3500 calories more than you usually lose during the day! Such a number seems to be impossible and no one wants to lose so much. But still doing it step by step you’ll finally come to realizing what you’re to do in order to lose some calories.

What physical activity helps us in losing calories?

A scientist from North Carolina, David Neman, has proved that after very intensive and hard training human body keeps on burning calories for rather long time.

We’re all aware of efficacy of physical exercises in struggle with extra weight. But know we have even better news – our body burn calories not only during the training but even afterwards, after we took shower and went home!

The research data says that those men who trained intensively on exercise bicycle for 45 minutes lost about 190 additional calories during next 14 hours. According to this optimistic information we know that it’s enough to do any intensive exercises – soccer, swimming – both for men and women.

But there’s a small secret about it! In order to start losing weigh after training you should make you physical exercises really hard! That means that you should sweat, the temperature of your body, pulse and the blood pressure should rise as well. Ten volunteers who took part in those scientific studies lost about 519 calories during their 45-minutes bicycle trainings. But they lost 190 calories more long after the training when they had rest!

David Neman is now absolutely sure that everyone will lose a bit more than one pound after five blocks of intensive and hard physical activity – but only in case of abstention from obviously harmful food.

Burning up calories with ease and fun

Obviously some people hate gyms and obviously some people have no time to attend them. You may say that for somebody hard training is their work, and you work in order to buy an opportunity for hard training, and actually you’re right. However gyms are not they only places you can train – everybody can burn up extra calories at home and without well-paid individual coach.

- 10-15 minutes of sincere laughing per day helps to get rid of 10-40 calories
- 10-minute slow walk burns up about 40 calories
- 25-minute walk with moderate pace destroys about 85 calories. Just walk a bit faster and you’ll burn up 98 calories!

Dusting and mopping the floor seems boring? But do you know that twenty minutes spent with a vacuum cleaner burn up 70 calories?
Any kind of domestic chores burns up impressive amounts of calories – mopping floors, wiping and cleaning windows, dish washing and polishing of bath – if you live in big house or apartment daily tidying up will easily replace any aerobics!

- 20 minutes of sweeping the floor annihilates up to 80 calories
- 20 minutes of intensive work in garden burns up about 100 calories!

If you’re a young mother your doctor definitely is always nagging about necessity of walking. Despite obvious humdrum of all those doctors we can’t help agreeing with them. Yes, they’re right – walks not just make the immune system of your baby stronger, they help you lose all those extra calories which usually annoy every woman after pregnancy. Have you ever heard that power walking with baby carriage helps to get rid of 77 calories for 30 minutes?

We’d recommend you to take your kids to school on foot if you house is not too far away of course. If children find such walk boring and don’t want to go you can just tell them something interesting – a fairy tale or a story from your life – and they will go with you with pleasure! And you’ll definitely lose more calories because such things like imaginary, thinking and even facial expressions take a lot of energy! In total you’ll burn up about 75 calories for 15 minutes.

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