Egg white face mask – 9 recipes

egg white face mask Chicken eggs proved themselves to be very effective cosmetic product for more than once. For example, chicken egg white contains vitamins of B group, and produces the effect similar to the effect of Hollywood mask, and it is also able to dry up your skin. As a rule egg white masks are recommended for oily skin care procedures.

Egg whites also have detoxifying property, which is very important for the oily and inflamed skin care, especially if you make face masks at home. Besides, egg white face masks are used to smooth out the small wrinkles in the eyes area.

Egg white masks can be used either for all face skin area, or for some problem areas such as forehead, cheeks or chin).

To make the mask as a rule one egg white is enough. You need row egg whites. To get the egg white you should pierce the hen’s egg from one side, and separate carefully the egg white from the egg yolk.

If you consider that one egg white is not enough, you may use two egg whites, but in this case you should double the amount of other mask ingredients either.

Egg white face mask recipes

Egg white mask for oily face skin care

The easiest recipe of the egg white face mask is to use simply whisked cooled egg white. You should apply a thin layer of it onto your face skin with the help of special cosmetic brush or a cotton pad and leave so for 5-7 minutes, to make the egg white dry up and turn into a kind of thin film.
After that you have to apply one more layer of egg white onto your face skin. You should repeat this procedure twice, and finally wash off the mask with cold water in 15-20 minutes. The full skin treatment course includes 8-15 cosmetic procedures described above. To cleanse your face skin properly, as well as to detoxify it and remove the excess sebum from the oily skin it is recommended to use this kind of egg white mask twice a week.

Egg white mask for oily face skin with enlarged pores

Whisk one cooled egg white and add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice into it. Apply the mask in layers, as it is recommended in the recipe described above. Wash off the mask in 15-20 minutes after application. This course of face skin treatment reduces the pores on your face and stops the inflammatory processes on the skin. Besides, this mask is considered to be very effective against the first wrinkles.

Skin lightening egg white mask for oily skin

In this recipe you should add finely cut greens into a whisked egg white. You will need 1 egg white, 1 spoon of finely cut parsley, dill and sorrel. Apply the mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off with cool water. This skin lightening egg white mask is very effective in case you have pigment spots, freckles or reddening on your skin.

Egg white mask for normal face skin

Add 1 table spoon of natural honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil into the whisked egg white. These ingredients provide intensive nutrition to your skin. Besides, honey produces antibacterial and wound-healing effect. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly to the smooth paste and then add 2 table spoons of oat flour. Apply the even layer of the mask obtained onto your face and leave for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cool water.

Nutritive egg white face mask for oily skin

To make this mask you need 1 egg, 1 apple of a middle size and of a variety that is sour to the taste. Peel the apple, remove the seeds and grate it finely. After that mix the apple pulp with a whisked egg white and add some olive oil (less than a teaspoon of it, not more). Leave the mask for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with cool water.

Vitamin egg white face mask for oily face skin

To make this kind of mask, you should mix together a whisked egg white and the juice squeezed of grinded berries. You may use European raspberries, wild strawberries, garden strawberries or red currants for that. You will need one egg white and two table spoons of grinded berries (that is 3-4 table spoons of whole berries). Mix all the ingredients together to the smooth paste.
Apply the vitamin mask in layers every 5-8 minutes, in three layers. Every layer should be applied after the previous one dries up. Wash off the mask in 15-20 minutes with cool water.

Egg white & cosmetic clay face mask for oily skin treatment

Add 2 table spoons of white clay to one row egg white. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly to the smooth paste without nubbles. Then apply the mixture onto your face skin for 10-12 minutes or so, and after it wash it off with cool water. This kind of mask removes the greasy luster from your skin. It also produces drying, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect onto your skin.

Egg white & cucumber face mask

To make this mask take two drops of rosemary essential oil, 1 cucumber of middle size and 1 egg white. Grate the cucumber and mix it with a whisked egg white. Apply the mask onto your face skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

Egg white, honey & coffee face mask

Mix together one teaspoon of instant coffee, one teaspoon of honey and one egg white thoroughly to a smooth paste. Apply the mask onto your face skin for 10 minutes. Wash the mask off with cool water.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting egg white face mask consult your doctor.

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