9 day diet

9 day diet This 9 day diet diet will help you to lose your odd 3-9 kg for the period of 9 days. What should you eat for the time of the diet? On the first three days we eat the rice only, the next three days we eat chicken or fish, and for the last three days we eat vegetables. For the time of this diet the vitamin and mineral complex is supplied to your body and your waist is gradually reduced. The nine-day diet is very effective if you combine it with physical training. The massage and water procedures won’t bring any harm during your dieting period.

On the first three days of 9 day diet you should have rice, water and honey.

You should cook rice as follows:
To wash the stark out of the rice you should do the following: you take the portion of rice (1 glass – 250 g), add some cold water to it in the evening, and on the next morning put it into the colander and wash it again with cold water. Then you have to put the rice into the pan, add hot water in proportion of 1:2 and boil for 15minutes. Then you should divide the rice into 5-6 equal portions and eat it during the day time. Up to 20.00 the last portion of rice should be eaten. You should drink water with your meals, but you should drink it evenly, and never drink a lot of water in the evening. For example, after 19.00 – 20.00 you shouldn’t have a full glass of water. During the day time you should have 2-2.5 liters of water.
Together with rice and water you should have honey, 3 spoons a day. You should eat it with a teaspoon taking water with it.

The effect: rice works as the sorbent for our body, cleaning it of toxins.

The following three days: you should have chicken (or lean fish), water and honey.

Every day you need: one chicken of about 1200-1300 g, or filleted chicken, or lean fish (ice fish, code, pollock, hake and so on), 700-800 g on every other day, plus 2-2.5 liters of water, 3 teaspoons of honey.

Ways of cooking: you can boil of steam your chicken or fish in the evening, the day before you are going to have it. On the following day you have to drink 1 glass of water and then have some chicken (or fish). You shouldn’t eat the chicken skin. At one time you can have a whole chicken leg and a part of a chicken back that is one fifth of a whole chicken. The rest of meat should be separated from the bone and white and red meat should be mixed together. Divide this mixture into 5 parts and eat during the daytime. But you should remember that you can have your last meal not later than 19.00.

If you decided to have fish, do in the same way: divide the filleted fish in 6 parts and have it during the day time. You can have it with greens (parsley, dill) and you can also add some lemon juice to each portion of fish you have.

Don’t eat fish and chicken on the same day! You should eat chicken on one day, and fish on the following day. And you should also eat honey and drink water in the same way as you did on the first three days.

The effect: our body gets proteins and burns fat from the adipose cells.

On the last three dieting days you should have vegetables, water and honey.

For your everyday dieting you will need 1 kg of vegetables, mostly white and green ones (like cabbage, marrows and onions).You can also eat carrots, pumpkin, beetroots, tomatoes, but you should have less of them than of white and green vegetables. You should take half a kilo of vegetables and cook them stewing them in water or steaming them. Other ones will be used to make the “brush” salad:

Ingredients: 1 row beetroot, 1 row carrot, some leaves of white cabbage, some fresh greens, some lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 table spoon of water.

Way of cooking: peal vegetables and grate them, cut cabbage and greens finely. Mix all ingredients together and add some lemon juice with olive oil, add a table spoon of water (in this way the salad will be juicier).

You should divide your everyday portion of vegetables into three parts and the same with the “brush” salad and have it during the daytime. Have some water and honey together with it in the same way as you did on the previous days.

Effect: you make up a deficiency of minerals in your body and your waist measurements are reduced.

In case you strictly keep to the “9 day diet”, people of medium built can lose 3-4 kg, and plump people are able to lose even from 6 to 9 kg.

To make the effect of 9 day diet last longer you should have one fasting kefir-dieting day a week. We’re confident you’ll love 9 day diet.

Attention! All the information at aliaco.com is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting the 9 day diet consult your doctor or dietologist.

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