Pumpkin face mask – 8 best recipes

pumpkin face mask Pumpkin is not only a Halloween symbol – it’s a delicious dietary product rich in cellulose. Pumpkin is also a product which can be used in cosmetic purposes – for instance, in preparing the face masks. Pumpkin mask is very helpful in cases of skin irritation. It’s also able to reduce spot appearance and to remove rings under the eyes. Pumpkin contains such vitamins like A, C and E and it’s also rich in beta-carotene and potassium and thus it’s a very affordable and efficient remedy which is a great base for face masks. One should use boiled pumpkin for making masks and it would even better if you bake or even steam it – in such case your pumpkin will preserve much more elements useful for health. Of course boiling is much easier but you’re recommended to use minimum of water because otherwise pumpkin will give too many vitamins and other elements to the water.

Pumpkin pulp is probably one of the most effective and healthy ingredients for beauty and pumpkin mask perfectly suits any type of skin. Such mask cleans, bleached and calms facial skin. More that than the pumpkin pulp may be used as an anti-cellulite sponge. So while taking a shower you may use pumpkin pulp and you skin will quickly get more elastic and healthy.

Pumpkin face mask recipes

Pumpkin mask for calming irritated facial skin

- 2 spoons of boiled pumpkin
- a teaspoon of cosmetic clay
- chamomile decoction
This pumpkin mask helps not only in reducing skin irritation – its regular use allows to get rid of it completely and besides it removes the sense of burning which is very typical for irritated skin. One is recommended to use this mask 2 times a week.

Anti-spot pumpkin face mask

- pulp of boiled pumpkin
- honey
- green tea
High content of zinc makes pumpkin really good remedy against spots. This mask should be put only on thoroughly cleaned facial skin. And one is not recommended to use creams or any other cosmetics after using this mask – it would be better let the skin breathe.

Pumpkin seeds moistening face mask

- handful of peeled pumpkin seeds
- 2 spoons of milk
- a spoon of honey
We may use pumpkin seeds alongside with pumpkin pulp in preparing face masks. Seeds should be thoroughly crushed for that. After they’re crushed one should add honey and then, a bit later, some milk – sometimes you may need less milk that you prepared and that’s normal, just control the consistence. This mask has a great moistening effect due to magnesium and plant oil – big amount of these elements may be found in pumpkin seeds so this mask is a great thing to use during the winter.

Pumpkin mask for sensitive facial skin

- pulp of boiled pumpkin
- honey
- oat flakes
- green tea
You’d better combine pulp of boiled pumpkin and oat flakes while the pumpkin is still warm – it will make the flakes much softer and they’ll give you more of the healthy elements they contain. When the mix gets cold the time for adding honey and green tea comes. This mask should be put on for 15-20 minutes and it’s recommended for using at least one a week.

Pumpkin face mask for greasy skin

- pulp of pumpkin
- tomato juice
The mix of pulp and tomato juice should be put on for 15-20 minutes and washed off with warm water. After it put a little bit of honey on the face and then wash it off with warm water as well.

Pumpkin juice skin cleansing face mask

- pumpkin juice
- clay
- honey
This recipe lets create not only a face mask but an especial liquid which may be used for wiping the face skin. This remedy is perfect for pore cleansing and is a good prevention of appearance of spots and pimples.

Pumpkin face mask against bags and rings under eyes

- pulp of boiled pumpkin
- a bit of fresh pumpkin juice
- cucumber juice
- milk
This mask may get a bit watery so before applying it on the skin around eyes you’d better cover the eyes with small pieces of cloth and put the mask over them. The mask will be much more efficient if it is used warm.

Pumpkin mask for normal face skin

- pulp of boiled pumpkin
- natural yoghurt
- lemon or orange juice
This pumpkin mix will moisten and nourish skin and help it make up dehydration and water loss. The mask should be put on for 15-20 minutes.

Regular using face masks made on the basis of pumpkin may help significantly improve skin condition and resolve lots of problems preventing skin from being healthy and looking good.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting pumpkin face mask – consult your doctor.

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