Gelatin face mask – 6 recipes

gelatin face mask Gelatin is colorless or yellowish protein obtained during processing of connective tissues of animals. Gelatin is mainly used in cookery though recently cosmetologists have discovered its healthy benefits. Generally gelatin is a natural collagen which is widely used in producing of different creams, gels and other cosmetics. That’s why the face mask with gelatin is especially healthy in case of first age-related changes of skin. It helps prevent flabbiness, make the face gentle shape better, smooth out small wrinkles and shrink pores. Gelatin face mask has a great bleaching effect and is incredibly helpful in removing freckles and pigment spots.

Here we will tell about the most popular recipes of gelatin-based face masks which are used by women of all ages regardless of the skin types. According to the feedback, these simple and effective masks with gelatin are really useful and – what’s more important – absolutely safe for skin.

Gelatin face mask recipes

1. Emollient face mask with gelatin smoothes out skin and mimic wrinkles. One should cover gelatin with either fruit juice of hot milk. The amount of juice or milk should be twice bigger than the amount of gelatin. Put the dish with this mix into a warm place or just warm it up in a microwave oven. When the mix gets swelled enough put it out and place it into a fridge and wait till it gets thick like a gel. But don’t try too hard, this mask shouldn’t be too dense and hard. Then put the mask one for 20 minutes.

2. The recipe of cucumber and gelatin mask tightening and bleaching facial skin. One peeled cucumber should be grated through a sieve. Separate juice and pulp and add 2 teaspoons of warm green real and 2 teaspoons of warm chamomile decoction and a teaspoon of gelatin to the cucumber mass. Warm up the mix till it gets thicker, add cucumber juice, a teaspoon of aloe juice and put the mask on for 20 minutes.

3. Anti-wrinkles face mask with gelatin and white egg: milk – 1,5 spoon, gelatin – 1 spoon and one white egg. Mix milk and gelatin, warm it with slack fire. Stir the mix till gelatin dissolves. As soon as it dissolves completely take the pan out of the fire and let the mix get a bit colder. Then add the egg white and stir till the mix gets completely cold. Then quickly put thick layer of the mask on your face except the area of eyes and lips. Wait till the mix gets dry – it takes up to 30 minutes. Then carefully grip the mask on your chin and put it off slowly. Wash the skin with warm water.

4. This gelatin mask will suit perfectly for rejuvenation, nourishing and moistening of normal and dry facial skin. Firstly one should prepare gelatin by dissolving one teaspoon of gelatin till liquid state. Then cover it with 5-8 teaspoons of milk or cold water and leave for some time. Right after gelatin gets swelled and absorbs all the water dissolve this mix with boiling-water bath. Take another pan and mix or scramble one teaspoon of vegetable oil and one egg yellow with mixer.

5. Rejuvenating and nourishing gelatin mask for flabby, marcescent and coarse skin. Take one teaspoon of powder gelatin and pour it with water. Wait till it gets swelled and dissolve it with boiling-water bath. Then add a tablespoon of grated ripe banana pulp to the mix, stir it properly and leave for some time. As soon as the mask gets cold put it on for 20-25 minutes. After this time passes the mask may be removed with wet cotton roll and then by cool water. It’s worth noting that one may use not only banana but any other fruits and berries while following this recipe. For example pulp of gooseberries, watermelon, avocado, tangerine, persimmon or apricot are very helpful for dry and fading skin.

6. A very nourishing and healthy gelatin mask for dry facial skin: take one teaspoon of powdery gelatin and coat it with 5-8 teaspoons of milk or cold water. When the gelatin gets swelled it means that it has absorbed all the liquid. So dissolve this mix in boiling-water bath and (without removing the mix) add a teaspoon of butter and stir everything quickly and thoroughly. The butter should get melted till it gets very soft. After taking the mix off the bath stir it once again. So put this mask on for 20 minutes. The mask should be removed with a cotton roll moistened either in milk or in warm water. After you remove the mask completely wash the face with water.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting gelatin face mask – consult your doctor.

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