Homemade foot scrub – 4 recipes

homemade foot scrub What woman may be called really nice and good-looking? Only the woman who has good and healthy skin even where the others can’t see. For instance, heels and feet – skin there often gets rough and even cracked. So if you want it to be soft and smooth you should take care of it – for example, to use scrubs.

Why feet scrubs are necessary

Scrubs don’t just make sole skin soft and smooth – they give lots of other benefits as well! For example, they eliminate those microorganisms which are the reason of odor nuisance. So if you feel bad smell you need just to add some essential oil of manuka to your homemade scrub and the problem will be immediately solved. One more benefit of scrubs is a good massage for your feet which you do while putting a scrub on. It improves blood circulation and in its turn it leads to normalization of work of the vegetative system and makes our essential organs perform better. Scrubs are very useful and healthy for nails as well – they protect and nourish them. Now there’s a great deal of different manufacturers of scrubs. However using homemade scrubs is much cheaper but the effect is absolutely the same. And more than that it’s really easy to make such scrubs at home because you’ve got all the necessary ingredients like coffee, sea salt and other substances and products. Their abrasive effect is no way worse than one of the scrubs one may find in a store. So let’s talk about several most popular scrubs for sole skin.

Homemade foot scrub recipes

1. A coffee foot scrub. Take an equal number of ground coffee, ground cinnamon and cacao powder – take about a tablespoon of each of the ingredients. Stir everything thoroughly and then add a spoon of sugar and stir again. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and put the scrub on your heels and soles. Rub it in massaging your skin during 5-10 minutes and then wash away. Cinnamon and coffee will easily remove horny epidermis, sugar will cleanse your skin perfectly and cacao has amazing moistening effect. You won’t even have to use any cream afterwards!

2. This scrub should be used after you steam your feet out in a bath of warm water. If you want you may add some chamomile there. As you’re done with this procedure mix three tablespoons of common salt with 150 milligrams of liquid soap. Add 5 drops of essence oil of rosemary to the scrub, stir it once again properly and massage your feet while putting the scrub on. Wash it off with warm water 5-10 minutes later.

3. If you want to make this homemade scrub you will need a glass of cranberry juice and a bit more half of glass of sugar. These ingredients should be stirred thoroughly. As soon as the foot scrub is ready go to the bathroom and steam your feet out in warm water (you make just have a shower or a bath).

Then put your cranberry homemade scrub on your feet and massage your heels and the balls of your toes while applying the scrub. Skin of toes and heels is often rough and it demands proper care. After 10-minutes massage wash the scrub off with warm water and apply a moistening cream.

4. Homemade scrub peeling with fruit acids. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it with a tablespoon of sunflower seed oil and sugar in order to get dense mass. So you’ll get a great homemade foot scrub which will make your sole skin and heels so soft and smooth that you just won’t believe it! Apply the scrub massaging soles during 4-5 minutes. Lemon juice contains fruit acids which peel and soften horny skin and help you remove callosities. You need just one procedure for 5-6 days and you’ll have to visit your pedicurist much rarer!

Take care of feet right

One should apply scrubs at least three times per week. If you wear open shoes in summer you definitely should use the scrubs everyday. And don’t confine yourself only to homemade scrubs! There’re lots of other remedies and ways to take care of your feet – herbal bath, massage, shoes of high quality and… healthy food (with proper amount if vitamins). Just follow these simple rules and you foot skin will always be soft and healthy.

Attention! All the information on the site is purely informative, it doesn’t substitute professional medical treatment or diagnostics. Before starting this recipes homemade foot scrub – consult your doctor.

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